Concept Rowing Machine gets the job done!

Looking for exercise equipment that carries with it several purposes? If so, then a concept rowing machine is what you are definitely looking for. This type of machine can give an excellent cardiovascular workout and at the same time work multiple muscles. The concept rowing machine is truly amazing since it can provide many functions and purposes. You must really choose the concept rowing machine if you are looking for the best rowing machine around.

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Factors to Look for in a Concept Rowing Machine

When buying a concept rowing machine, here are some of the factors, qualities or elements that you need to look for. First, you must look for a concept rowing machine that has a redesigned flywheel for this is noise-free and has a broader range of resistance. Next, you should look for its ergonomically crafted handle that can stimulate the position of the arm on-water rowing. You must also look for the pace boat, force curve and power plot performance monitor in a concept rowing machine. Other qualities that you need to look for are the product’s reliability, sturdiness, durability and noise-free feature.

Common Pitfalls of a Concept Rowing Machine

The common pitfalls of a concept rowing machine are only few. Some of these involve the machines size and weight. It consumes a lot of space which makes it difficult to store. Aside from that, the concept rowing machine is also quite expensive and not ideal for a tight budget.

Places to Shop for a Concept Rowing Machine

You can buy a concept rowing machine in stores or shops that sell gym equipment or exercise machines. They are also available in fitness sections of department stores in the malls. You may also purchase them on shopping sites online like Amazon and eBay. These websites are very reliable and offer very competitive prices. They would even allow you to make your purchase with the use of your credit card and they would deliver your order right to your door step.

How Much a Concept Rowing Machine Costs

Based from, a concept rowing machine costs $900. Indeed it is very expensive and may also be called an investment. However, prices may vary from site to site. There may also be other websites that sell the product for a lesser price so you must always compare prices first before making any purchase.

How to Take Care of Your Exercise Equipment

To be able to maintain the concept rowing machine’s quality, it must not be used beyond its capacity. It should also be cleaned properly and stored in safe and clean places. If there are damaged or broken parts, immediately get them replaced from the store where you bought them. Avoid actions or behavior that can ruin the exercise machine.


Although there may be a lot of other types of rowing machines out there, the concept rowing machine is one of the best and is one of the most highly recommended especially by professional athletes. After what you have learned from the information about the concept rowing machine above, I am very sure that you are convinced to buy this product since it has several benefits and purposes all rolled into one. Isn’t that what you have been looking for?

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